Sesbania is an Annual Legume

Family of Fabaceae | Sesbania Sesban | Sesbania Gandiflora

It is mainly grown in Pakistan, most in Sindh Province, Punjab Province and KPK Province of Pakistan. Sesbania is a multipurpose and supportive crop it is wildly grown in Pakistan due to its economical values. It’s also known Super Saltine Grass as it improve the Quality of Land to make it ready to cultivate other crops after harvesting the Sesbania.

Sesbania can grow on vast type of soils it is an annual crop and it grown on both kinds dry and wet areas. Mostly Sesbania Grown on Sub-Marginal Soils, Heavy, Poor and Water Logging Soils.

The Sesbania Crop Tolerant Drought Alkaline & Saline

Is A Very Rapid Growing Crop With Very Small Need Of Weeding.
It is mainly use as Green Manure Crop as Growth of Sesbania is very fast and it is ready to Plough or cut with in:

50 days after sowing.

Sesbania enriches the soil it is also known as a very good Cover-Crop.

As a Cover Crop Sesbania added Nitrogen and Organic matter to Soil, Sesbania Produces the Nitrogen Fixing Nodules to its Roots and Steams.

Sesbania crop also grown as an inter crop, as sowing in agriculture inter cropping it grow well and give an open crown that help sunshine to pass, it gives forage. Sesbania legume ploughed in land after 90 days of sowing to fix the Nitrogen and increase the organic matter. This Green manure help to reforesting eroded soil and grassy wastelands most of rice farmers are also use Sesbania with rice because of its unique character of helping soil  the organic matter and nitrogen.

Sesbania Plant

Sesbania Plant

Mainly Usage Of Sesbania

-Cover Crop, – Green Manure, -Animal Fooder, – Wood For Fire or Farms Protection, -Sesbania Gum

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